Local Climber Caught Rappelling Sustella Parking Deck

Valdosta, Ga. A local climber/student was questioned today after attempting to rappel off the top of Sustella Parking Deck. Police tell sources that the student was, “Only seeing if it could be done”.

Davis Meschke, Senior student and climber, was questioned regarding an incident in which he was caught rappelling off the backside of the Sustella Parking Deck. He was seen and immediately questioned when he reached the ground. The VSU PD confiscated his equipment but says that it will be returned to Meschke following his signing a contract forbidding him of incidents such in the future.

This comes as a surprise to the Valdosta State University Police Department. “We’ve never had a problem with students wanting to rappel off of the top of the [Sustella Parking] Deck,” says an anonymous source. “Kids riding longboards, skateboards, and bikes, sure. I honestly didn’t know what to think when I saw this kid hanging 60 feet off the ground.”

The VSU PD says they will not press charges because they had no idea what to charge him with. “After he explained all the systems to us, it actually seemed pretty safe. However, this is NOT to say this practice will be allowed,” and unnamed VSU police officer stated. I don’t see VSU students flocking to fly down parking decks anytime in the near future.

Meschke has been climbing close to two years, concentrating mostly on mountaineering, or climbing in bigger mountain ranges. Meschke recently returned from a week-long climbing trip to North Carolina. He had this to say: “Here in Valdosta, there’s obviously no mountains, or even hills. The rock wall is fun, but it doesn’t quite do it for me. There’s gotta be some risk, and honestly, I’ve wanted to try this for a while. I kinda had this suspicion in the back of my mind that ‘hey there’s probably a rule against this somewhere’ but I said $#%! it.”

Rappelling, also known as abseiling, is a climbing practice that allows the climber to quickly descend the rope when climbing down is not an option. When done right, it is an extremely safe practice. Some climbers use a back up, namely a device that locks when the rope is weighted in a certain way. This is in case the climber is knocked out or incapacitated and cannot use his/her arms.

But hey, At least someone in Valdosta is having some fun. Climb on Davis, climb on.


Meschke high up on Looking Glass in Brevard, North Carolina.

About Davis Meschke

Full time climber looking for a creative outlet.
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